Selecting suitable decorative painting making home beautiful

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A look at the content: upgrade quality not quite care about hanging decoration with many kinds reproduction oil painting, unfortunately: previous family. Think that is unnecessary and waste of money, even though some families with decorative painting, its contents than fish and flowers. More difficult to understand, colour claims: art generally has been seen as difficult to understand. More to attract people’s attention. Although many people can’t read content in the picture, but is nice to know art, not willing to stay, for ordinary families has been lacking. If it is modern minimalist homes, using foil to the avant-garde ideas of abstraction, to upgrade the quality of space. To be completed with strong sense of perspective or decorative landscape painting . TIPS: If you want the room space is very big. Can play the role of headroom.

Choose shape: spatial patterns and consolidated only screen contents itself, unfortunately: many families in the purchase of decorative art of the time. Ignore the frame or shape itself. Should select the same shape of the decorative painting painting if certain parts need to semi, colour claims: decorative wall painting space is rectangular. And at present on the market, not the shape of the frame, being centered in the screen, half-round highlights on the content, can also make Visual sense of harmony. If the room has stairs, to meet space gradually upward trend of turning the stairs with stair shape display is not a rule of decorative painting, elongated man’s sight. To remind space conversion function. TIPS: If you placed along the edge along the living room to the bedroom of the decorative painting.

Three sources: good concept is better than bought paintings only clocks at great prices, unfortunately: most people think that expensive will be the best. Seeking match. Just use your head, colour stand: without specially to buy elegant decorations. Supplies to use for home decoration, such as two modeling simple, stylish stool and putting it in the wall, and decorative painting with personal portrait oil painting, can constitute a beautiful scenery. If possible, TIPS: decorated with framed family photos to enlarge even more meaningful. Be dedicated to one of the walls recorded photos show full of growth from small to large, colour will give the room a lot.

Four locations: changing the Center focus of decorative painting practice must be above the hanging above the top TV, sofa, bed, unfortunately: many families believe that. Decorative painting can only be placed in a wall in the middle. If the Visual is very empty, colour claims: first sight of home placement is the most decorative painting place. Will be tempted to feel sorry for room more or less. A wall space that can be used many decorative painting hanging in the asymmetric way, such as “l-side layout of the t-type, and so on to increase interest. For smaller space of wall paintings can select staggered or glyph of paintings, painted not too large, select a size of 30 cm x cm left and right can be. Picture of the main highlights, TIPS: light painting hangs in the shot from the lateral wall of the best. Stereoscopic effect can be enhanced. Note If there is light from the left in the picture, then when you hang pictures, external light source should come from the left.

How to choose oil paintings for home

Keep The Style Simlilar

Any space decoration design need a unified, as people’s dressing, wearing a suit looks better than dressed in a suit with the sports pouch. Home style with pictures should be as uniform as possible, include the type of oil painting, sketches, paintings, photography, etc; also includes color oil painting, frame style, and so on, unifies these dimensions, the style of oil painting in harmony. 

Living room is the main place for family members of the daily activities and meet the relatives, having a certain entertainment value. Oil painting can be more abstract, such as landscapes oil painting,such as


 van gogh branches of an almond tree in blossom

flowers, and so on, but to a certain degree of popularity,it should be suit both refined and popular tastes. 

Choosing static decorations such as flowers, plants, landscape art for the study room, It can create a better serene and tranquil environment. 

Bedroom is the best way to reflect the personality and soul of expression and heads. You can custom oil paintings from photo and hung the paintings in your bedroom wall.It can be very nice..Headed back to the room you can have endless imagination, at the same time can also be caused by working to eliminate fatigue, quickly goes to sleep. (A good abstract oil painting is a hypnotic effect) can also use warm oil painting, because the bedroom is the most feel each headed home warm and real. Warm colors can make you feel the warmth of the room warmer.

 In the eating room you can choose some oil painting with food culture topics, so that  it  can arouse people’s appetite, feel life is delicate when dining. Also it can help learn and understand more food culture.

 In the bathroom, choosing humor and funny oil painting can add a harmonious family fun for you. 

If you are not sure how to choose your interior oil paintings design, of course, you can visit the online oil painting gallery  to learn more. 


Space Concept 

When selecting oil painting, we should consider the oil paintings hung place. If the wall has enough space, you can put a larger oil paintings hanging on it, which is more harmonious. In a smaller space or within 20 square,you’d better not select the large oil paintings.When considering the small paintings, suggested width 100CM, height 60CM oil painting for you. This size will not leave a sense of oppression, and can giving blank wall space to highlight the overall aesthetic.


Color Choices Taboo 

Modern interior home decoration as a whole white-dominated, blending Oil art mostly yellow and red tones. Do not select negative, oil painting of the dead, living room in the choice of bright, vibrant tones, if Interior colors are stable, such as Walnut color, you can select a higher sense oil painting.


Leonardo da Vinci ,Italy Renaissance

Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most great Italy Renaissance masters, also is the most perfect representative of the Renaissance time. He is a profound, knowledgeable, versatile painters, Fable, sculptor, inventor, philosopher, musician, medical scientists, biologists, geologists, construction engineers and military engineer. He was a genius, he devoted to the theory of artistic creation and research, research on how to use the line and three-dimensional shape to body issues; on the other hand he also studies natural sciences, realistic images of art, his extensive research and preparation of related optics, mathematics, geology, biology, and other subjects. His artistic practice and scientific spirit of exploration had a major and far-reaching impact on future generations.         

Leonardo da Vinci(1452, April 15 ~1519, May 2),He has gain the very great achievement in the paintings,His figure portrait are very similar with the photo taken and his masterpiece is very welocme by people.

A lot of people study the Leonardo da Vinci and his masterpieces.His grown and learnging experience has been press in many countries’s student learning content.His famous artworks such as Mona Lisa (La Gioconda), Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani(Lady with an Ermine) has been  reasearched and reproduced by people from all over the world.

His homelandItalyalso regard him as a symbol of culture

Sharing some of his artworks with you.

Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa (La Gioconda) 

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William Adolphe Bouguereau(1825-1905) French artist,traditionalist

William Adolphe Bouguereau(1825-1905) French artist, Do the job as teacher, frescoist & draftsman

William Bouguereau is sure one of the greatest artistic geniuses.His figures come to life like no previous artist has ever before or ever since achieved. He wasn’t just the best ever at painting human anatomy, more importantly he captured the tender and subtlest nuances of personality and mood. Bouguereau caught the very souls and spirits of his subjects much like Rembrandt. Rembrandt is said to have captured the soul of age. Bouguereau captured the soul of youth. Bouguereau’s figures are very beautiful and very welcome by people.

From 1960, Bouguereau’s values are famous in the market., doubling on average every 3.5 years. From works selling for and average $500 to $1500 in 1960, they have accelerated to where in the last three years alone his auction records have been repeatedly broken another 4 times. In 1998 The Heart’s Awakening sold for $1,410,000 at Christie’sNew York. In 1999 Cupid et Psyche, Enfants sold for $1,760,000 also at Christie’s to be surpassed the very next day at Sotheby’s when Alma Perens owned by Sylvester Stalone sold for $2,650,00. That record only lasted one year until May of 2000, when Charite sold $3,520,000 back at Christie’s. Over the last 20 years his paintings all over the world have been taken out of their crates, basements, storage rooms and attics, dusted off, many cleaned and expertly restored, and today over a hundred museums and institutions proudly have his works on permanent exhibit. Reproductions of his paintings are selling by the millions in poster shops and gift stores world wide, and there is much evidence that they are even outselling the reproductions of paintings by any of the most famous modernists.

 Following are some  William Adolphe Bouguereau oil paintings for you.

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 Custom Young Girl Defending Herself against Eros  Reproduction

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Interior painting wall art decoration

Choosing oil painting for Interior decoration decoration is a very wise choice, because  some reproduction oil paintings with bright colorful colors is very suitable for the modern family decoration.

First,Place many pieces of multicolor oil paintings on the white wall,Sothat it won’t be too dull and depressing. Solving the single tone of family decoration.

Seconed: The oil paintings selection broke the single tone of the home decoration,it has more obious feature and tones.Also it has the special style,not just a ceiling, wallpaper and plaster molding, etc.

Three: The oil paintins for the home wall is the nice choice.Paintings TV background wall painting of a flower, drawing a tree or some cute animals,choosing claude monet oil paintings for your house make your family full of happy and lively atmosphere.It won’t have the wallpaper that sense of continuous complex patterns of syncope trouble, relaxing mood one day, spiritual joy.

Four: You can no longer annoy by the  home repair trouble.You can paint the sea at home or paint a beautiful grassland in home,turing the home decoration into a fairy tale world and so on.

French Impressionist Famous Artis-Claude Monet and monet oil paintings

Claude Monet (1840–1926),the founder of French impressionist painting.His paintings impressionist style is very welcome by people.His paintings can be Sunrise, Rouen Cathedral series, London Parliament series, Water Lilies, Haystacks, Poplars Series.Especially monet water lilies series paintings are oftern reproduce by people to hang the beautiful impression paintings in their home.

Share some of Claude Monet paintings with you

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Parisians Enjoying the Parc Monceau by Claude Monet

The Road Bridge at Argenteuil [1874] by Claude Monet

Reproduction Walk Woman with a Parasol by Claude Monet

Reproduction Water Lily Pond paintings by Claude Monet ,1897 

Water-lilies-nympheas-1907 by Claude Monet


What shall we pay attention to the painting investment?

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Currently, the rapid economic development, social stability and prosperity, and presents a vibrant scene, along with masterpieces of unprecedented, talented artists have reached grade collection value. so that collectors have more collection of opportunities and wider choices. Many practitioners active in painting today, most of the rise after the reform and opening up, they are active, be bold in making innovations, no spiritual bondage, art passions rise, creating a large number of works of art worthy of collection. Therefore, people have predicted that the fourth collection peaks coming in Chinese collection history.
So how to invest? What shall we do if we want to invest the paintings art?Making some suggestion and methods in the following:

First, Attend more exhibitions

Looking to invest in calligraphy, you will need to study more relevant knowledge, and see the exhibition, is a short cut. We should know what is origin oil paintings,what is oil painting reproductions  artwrok.Now show a lot, are basically free of charge. As long as time allows, may wish to look at, run, learn different art style of the artist of language.You also maybe can meet your favorite artists in the exhibition, learning more from him,learning a little more knowledge of painting. These are very important to an investor, it will directly affect your judgment.
Second, hiring art consultant

Paintings have stron feature.There are many style paintings such as portrait oil painting and still life ,animal paintings need to have a professional look, hire art consultants can solve many worries. Artistic Advisor primary functions is to identify investment direction, select artists, followed by helping investors identify the authenticity, quality level determined Collections.  A qualified art consultants can do three things in a short time: determine the authenticity of the work; the merits of evaluation work; price assessment works. While employing consultants must pay attention to combination of theory and practice of the arts, it is necessary to prevent short theory on paper, and also prevent short-sighted short. It is best to choose people with success stories.
Third, make a plan

Investing landscape painting and other paintings art should according to personal economic condition.Looking for artists and works of their ability as much as possible, develop investment plans. Plan as much as possible for the formulation of detailed, marking a different time period artist prices up or down the table, painters group the general trend of prices as a whole, understand market trends and development trends, identifying their short-, medium-or long-term investment plans, personally commissioned others to purchase. Depending on the situation, of course, can at any time amend the investment plan.

Four,Increasing added value

After you buying collectionss,increase the paintings value in a short time as much as possible Such as invite many famous legend; held a seminar; exhibition; published valuable; do appreciate the publicity in the news media; celebrities comment on articles published in major media, and so on. Collections of these initiatives often will make your reputation for wide dissemination, easy to sell, at the same time than the artist of the same size, same quality, same theme works about 30% you.

Five, buying the potential artist works
The advantage of buying the potential artist works is less risk Embodied in two aspects: one is a less fake paintings,the second is cheaper price.In the course of time, when the artist becomes famous, your collection artworks can goes many times price.

Six, good attitude
Experience has shown that in the past, who frequently buy or sell paintings, just make a finite difference.The the real beneficiaries are the people can bear lonely and have a lot of patient.
Onle selling their paintings in the right time in right price

Application of modern decorative art in the space environment

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Environment refers to the space around a person, environmental design is the art machining environment. Art of environmental design, not only to meet the people daily life using.It also should meet people, activities, entertainment, and other aspects of communication needs.The richness and diversity of the modern decorative landscape painting, indoor and outdoor environment and greatly enhancing effect. Either the large square or the indoor housing, channel is a feature of both Metro Park, with decorative painting decorations, increasing the artistic composition.
In the design environment, application of key entities in space part of the decorative painting, mainly the top surfaces of walls, floors, and a variety of partition. Art of different interfaces and application materials are on the shape, color, form factors, such as the proper configuration and performance. Regardless of the creative decorative painting, pay attention to the relationship with environment interface, dialog, and brings visual comfort and pleasantness.
Walls are actually space-qualified elements ,which is the most widely used modern decorative painting background. Handling of the wall is properly, the complete unification of space and atmosphere of art can have a big impact.Some portrait oil painting in order to get good results, should adapt to the wall on the basis of functional requirements, handle the contents of the work, the relationship between factors such as color, size, texture materials. Beijing International Airport, a large green brushwork heavy color decoration draw drawing of the Chinese charm – the great wall is a good example of momentum of the magnificent, full of poetic, depicts the treasures of the great wall, reflects the Yuan Yunfu promotes “Chinese style”, is a major attraction of the capital international airport. On the decoration of the wall, in addition to large decorative murals, often choose the wall hanging decoration art of the smaller, more flexible this way, decorative painting according to the environment you need to select the style, color, and composition, can be replaced, in order to create a good environment, creating a new life.
Smallpox is an internal space constitute elements of the ultimate limit, and the formation of ground space of two horizontal. Ceiling above the people, its impact on space than the ground is even more significant. Zenith decorative painting used to be Royal and religious decoration of the patent, and now it to a variety of art forms to the environment and public buildings. Modern decorative paintings focus more on internal spatial structure, according to the internal facilities, courtyards in the levels of change, with abundant space, heighten the climate of space at the top. Modern decorative painting is widely active in bars, hotels, the Zenith Concert Hall, some decorative painting of the concert hall, and even the use of fiber materials, novel, and would serve as a sound-absorbing effect. Regardless of the material used, what kind of process, is to better reflect the decorative style, beautify the space environment.
Cut off in the indoor space divided into fixed and movable, closed and half-closed, it is space separated room or interior and exterior decorative component of the transitional space, vestibule, screens, and so on. The cut off wood is often used, alloy, aluminum, glass marble material, easy to cause the sudden sense of space. Decorative painting can alleviate the sense of sudden, using its color, pattern, texture and space, mutual penetration, increasing the sense of space and a sense of flow, adjust the atmosphere inside the space, its decorative function into full play. Visible decorative reproduction oil painting on the partition used for separation of space and contact space plays an indispensable role, meeting the needs of the Visual aesthetic

How to select living room oil painting?

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Some people may ask,Is there any necessary to hang paintings in the living room?
Living room as the home’s main activities, is the most striking places in each family, and has a contact, communication inside and outside guests and the mission, is absolutely necessary to hang oil paintings.Sometimes people have the question:It is difficult to get the atmosphere as hanging oil paintings in the living room.If your house is Villa, with high living room large enough, why don’t you learn the methods of American oil painting hanging in his study?Putting a number of paintings come in all sizes, different styles of oil covered an entire wall.Of course,you should take some specially effort to group them together. Selecting large portrait oil painting, midium size landscape painting, putting them together without stressing symmetry, order from the wall top to the corner of the wall. In this way, coming into the living room, you will naturally feel the luxury of a pressing, rich atmosphere.
If the living room is not high, but the area is large enough.You can turn one wall of which into a painting.But the color is not too strong, you can select the right style according to owner preferences. When the morning sunshine on the entire wall, reflective color changes, sunset sunshine will make the paintings color more abundant,having different style paintings in different time.If the living room is not very large, you can select a suitable size long cross landscape paintings hanging above the sofa.Making the living room very activity.

Application of oil painting in the room space

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        Oil painting is an essential art to human life. Its content increasingly rich and adaptation fast development modern life.Accompanied with science development,pursuiting life and beautify life has became people universal concern and target.Painting room space performance variety, development increasingly to diversification.
Oil painting plays an important role in the room space. it is part of the furnishings and the recreation of the environment art.Despite their relative independence still exist, but as a decorating living space by a specific person, oil painting must have been an important part of room space design. Such as commission a portrait for your parents and haing them in their room is very good gift and decoration for them.A good room decoration painting must be coordinated with room space in all its aspects, with a particular room space environment and specific groups of people and the unity of aesthetic trends of the characters.
In modern residential environment, different forms room space, modern room space become more and more personalized. The abstract beauty of irregular spaces, giving people new taste to life. People development for space handling from horizontal to vertical extension of activities in various different inclination and height. Therefore, size of oil painting, oil painting patterns, oil painting and color, as well as their making materials shall be in coordination with the interior spatial atmosphere.
There are many kinds of painting in indoor space, the usual paintings are: oil painting,Chinese painting, printmaking, watercolor, branded art, mosaics, tapestries prints, glass painting, acrylic painting, copper art, bamboo, such as painting, paper cutting art, wooden portrayal. Due to a variety of subject matter and content,the oil painting have many art style. At the same time, decorative painting as part of a full room, their perfect combination of reach, “simple but not simple” best way to decorate. Different decoration styles require different decorative painting, Interior decorative art in modern interior design is increasingly wide range of applications, it has become an integral part of modern bedroom design.

Combination of decorative paintings and room space into one of the interaction as a whole. Judging from the modern environment design, decorative art and organic combination of room decoration is created in the environment, indoor space decoration art of the introduction, the artistic language of narration for space and the surrounding environment can cause people’s Association, thereby expanding the limited space. Decorative paintings for decoration of room environment service,especially some china oil painting reproductions paintings, its main role is: spirit of embellishment and lively space, the space environment, heighten the home atmosphere, creating an environment of artistic conception; creation of a quadratic space; enhancing indoor environment style,adjusting environmental color; reflecting national characteristics, refining their personal sentiments and so on. Which embodies the art of decorative painting in room space value in the environment and resulting from combination of charm.
Decorative painting can heighten the atmosphere, cultivating people’s sentiments. It is not only the room space design discussing topics, as well as psychological research content, because the complexity of human needs is not only a simple physiological needs meet. Psychology tells people: psychological processes, including awareness, emotions and the will of the people in three phases. For example, facing the sea, see blue waters, rolling waves, the vast expanse of the sea, is often so that people are open-minded, indomitable passion. This kind of psychological activity during the psychological process of Lenovo. This psychological process is also located in the design of decorative painting in the room space, gave rise to the good feelings, pleasant mood is one of its important role, is essential to emotions in the human psychology. So, the indoor environment design and combination of decoration painting decoration design, it has a design that meets comfortable, practical, physical layer requirements such as safety, convenience, also meets beauty, fashion, the symbolic and psychological level requirements such as taste, status, thereby making room space achieved perfection in design.
The human personality is innate, hobby is on the basis of innate personality through nurture. Especially in the harbour-the people who live in the living room environment, decorative painting must be designed according to the bedroom owner’s personality. Due to people loving temperament, self-cultivation and the occupation of different, life goals, living environment requirements are also different. Indeed everyone has its own life and loving, according to preferences of the different layout of the room, can make special decorative effects, that is, every corner of the room can be decorated as personality highlights of sublimation. So many factors that make application of decorative painting in the room space, not too many words, and brings the people is undoubtedly the enjoyment of beauty. Improved quality of life, requires the ability to create life beauty of living masters of feelings of beauty and taste life. Social development, in advance of the times, decorative paintings and room decoration will change and development, and takes on a different status and identity, this shall identify the human social civilization and progress.
Decorative painting in the room space, different cultural connotations, eventually meeting room space as a whole beautiful expression. Advances in technology and culture, will become a room space design motivation. Decorative painting as a complement to indoor space design and perfect would make the room space more scientific and beauty.

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