How to choose oil paintings for home

Keep The Style Simlilar

Any space decoration design need a unified, as people’s dressing, wearing a suit looks better than dressed in a suit with the sports pouch. Home style with pictures should be as uniform as possible, include the type of oil painting, sketches, paintings, photography, etc; also includes color oil painting, frame style, and so on, unifies these dimensions, the style of oil painting in harmony. 

Living room is the main place for family members of the daily activities and meet the relatives, having a certain entertainment value. Oil painting can be more abstract, such as landscapes oil painting,such as


 van gogh branches of an almond tree in blossom

flowers, and so on, but to a certain degree of popularity,it should be suit both refined and popular tastes. 

Choosing static decorations such as flowers, plants, landscape art for the study room, It can create a better serene and tranquil environment. 

Bedroom is the best way to reflect the personality and soul of expression and heads. You can custom oil paintings from photo and hung the paintings in your bedroom wall.It can be very nice..Headed back to the room you can have endless imagination, at the same time can also be caused by working to eliminate fatigue, quickly goes to sleep. (A good abstract oil painting is a hypnotic effect) can also use warm oil painting, because the bedroom is the most feel each headed home warm and real. Warm colors can make you feel the warmth of the room warmer.

 In the eating room you can choose some oil painting with food culture topics, so that  it  can arouse people’s appetite, feel life is delicate when dining. Also it can help learn and understand more food culture.

 In the bathroom, choosing humor and funny oil painting can add a harmonious family fun for you. 

If you are not sure how to choose your interior oil paintings design, of course, you can visit the online oil painting gallery  to learn more. 


Space Concept 

When selecting oil painting, we should consider the oil paintings hung place. If the wall has enough space, you can put a larger oil paintings hanging on it, which is more harmonious. In a smaller space or within 20 square,you’d better not select the large oil paintings.When considering the small paintings, suggested width 100CM, height 60CM oil painting for you. This size will not leave a sense of oppression, and can giving blank wall space to highlight the overall aesthetic.


Color Choices Taboo 

Modern interior home decoration as a whole white-dominated, blending Oil art mostly yellow and red tones. Do not select negative, oil painting of the dead, living room in the choice of bright, vibrant tones, if Interior colors are stable, such as Walnut color, you can select a higher sense oil painting.


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